Mutant Beat Dance ‎– Mutant Beat Dance

Format: 4x12"
Label: Rush Hour
Year: 2018
Genre: Techno, House, Post punk
Condition: Mint
Sleeve: Mint
A1 Creep In The Crowd
A2 On A Different Note
A3 Curtail Corporation
B1 Synthesized Antics Of Evolution
B2 Toy Story
B3 From Another Source

C1 Funk Groove (Skit)
C2 Piano Monologue (Skit)
C3 The Fear Of Future And Euphoria
D1 Revival 80s
D2 No Ambition

E1 Midi
E2 Scandalous Vanity
F Last Illusion

G Feed The Enemy
H Crete

I1 Affliction
I2 The Human Factor
J1 Hate Has No Home
J2 Uncanny Ignorance

K1 Geometrical Disease
K2 Transmitter / Transistor
L1 Lost Stars
L2 Checklist
L3 Hero
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Mutant Beat Dance ‎– Mutant Beat Dance

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