SVN - Mechine

Format: 2 x 12" Album
Label: Going Good
Year: 2020
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Leftfield, Techno
Condition: Mint
Sleeve: Mint

A1 Tape Seq. 17
A2 Codertrax.Seq.X
A3 E.H. 5000 Pulse
B1 Alpha 1.1 Copy
B2 Future Love-ec-280 Seq. 09
B3 Drumtraks-Spacetip
B4 The Mechine's Frequency Memory
C1 Slowon Edit 02
C2 Esq-1-cr8000 (Guitar Mix)
C3 Cs1-Effectrons
D1 Rds3600-565 Filter Beat. 1.
D2 Madd-Init.Edit
D3 Madd 04-Daruma Mix
D4 Slowon X-Edit
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Across two 12" slabs come long buried vignettes, motorik experiments and sketches from deep within the SVN archives. A continuation from his previous EP of the same name (2017), this latest collection of tracks' smoked-out ambience, skeletal stuttering rhythmic workouts and smudged stoned melodies are some of the myriad parts that make up this most mysterious 'Mechine'.


Recorded at the now infamous Neues Deutschland Studio in Berlin, this collection of tracks continues the unique sonic explorations that SVN is known for and has deftly showcased through various respected electronic outlets including Apollo, Acido, Sex Tags Mania and more. An essential collection of DIY and contemporary German electronics.

*File under: Dieter Moebius and Richard H. Kirk sharing a chillum

SVN - Mechine

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