Various ‎– Midnite Spares

Format: Album LP
Label: Efficient Space
Year: 2016
Genre: New Wave, Synth-pop, Experimental
Condition: Mint
Sleeve: Mint

01. Maria Kozic and the MK Sound - Trust Me
02. Whadya Want? - Open Spaces
03. Poets of the Machine - Arabs
04. The Couch - Full Treatment
05. →↑→ - Sedation
06. The Igniters - Hakka Suru
07. Mumbo Jumbo - Wind It Up
08. Mix - Do You Do It?
09. Cameron Allan and Grahan Bidstrup - Bikini Atoll
10. Foot and Mouth - I Want My Mommy
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Selected by Australian music devotees and 3RRR FM presenters András and Instant Peterson, Midnite Spares binds together 10 overlooked avant-pop and electronic works by 80s/90s antipodean outsiders, including Mumbo Jumbo, →↑→ and pre-God adolescents Foot and Mouth.Digital download included

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Various ‎– Midnite Spares

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